Our story

Billions of transactions happen everyday. Most of these transactions are straightforward, no stress, no fuss. Then there's the payments that matter the most. That's why SPG exists. To provide payments you can depend on.

March 2016

The Facebook post that started it all

After seeing a friend post on Facebook that his car had been stolen by a fraudster posing as a prospective buyer, SPG founder Peter Janes asked a simple question ‘How do we stop this from happening again?’

May 2017

Shieldpay goes live

From identifying a genuine problem that needed to be solved, Shieldpay was born. In under 6 months, Shieldpay was incorporated and regulated; finding immediate traction in providing simple and transparent payment solutions across the legal, financial and professional services industries.

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2017 – 2020

Our team grew

As Shieldpay established its place in the payments ecosystem, delivering tailored transaction management across Third-Party Managed Accounts (TPMA), Paying Agent, Trustee Services, fundraising and litigation services, we began to grow a team of experts in both secure and trusted payments services, as well as deep knowledge of the legal, financial and professional services industries that we serve.

July 2020

Paycast is born

In 2020 the second SPG company was born. Driven by a stream of enquiries both in response to the work we were delivering at Shieldpay, and in the wake of regulatory changes, Paycast was born.

Working closely with some of the world’s largest acquirers we developed a solution that is designed for marketplaces, to facilitate payouts to sellers for any value or volume, with buyer and seller conditions to trigger when a transaction should complete.


Looking to the future

SPG will continue to grow the portfolio of assets and drive payment volume through the core platform.

The group is exploring opportunities to leverage the platform and focus on new sectors ripe for disruption such as rental deposits, crowdfunding, charitable giving, mortgages, cryptocurrency and digital letters of credit.

Watch this space.